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Concrete Contractor in Gresham, ORDouble 'X' Concrete is the premier concrete contractor in Gresham, OR. We have been serving as your local concrete company for many years and have consistently ranked as one of the best companies in the area. We are always striving for 100% customer satisfaction and we promise that we will always work to fix any problem that may arise.

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Whether you are looking for the top residential or commercial concrete contractor in Oregon, we are happy to help you in any way possible. We hope you decide to choose XX Concrete as your contractor the next time you take on a new concrete project. We have compiled several tips to help you in your decision-making process. Following are some top tips to help you choose between concrete companies.


In order to find a reputable concrete company, it's vital to reflect on the number of years they have been in business. This will offer you a suggestion of ways in which the company functions and their capability in service delivery when it comes to any cement services you may require. Even though the number of years that the business has stayed in business will inform you regarding their skill, it doesn't always imply that cement companies that have less experience are difficult to rely on. This's the reason why a detailed inspection of the company's credentials is important.

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Insurance Policy
Before employing any licensed contractor, make certain that inspect their insurance policy adequately. A well reputable business will provide coverages worth $500,000 to $1,000,000 which can continue for a year or two. The insurance coverage will make one feel somewhat nicer since one will not be paying for fixing any issues that may arise for years to come.

Irrespective of whether you approach a cement contractor via email, phone or face to face, they should take care of your concerns with excellent professionalism and carefulness. If you notice that they aren't paying attention to your predicaments, or they may not be friendly while talking to you, subsequently you ought to proceed with technique of choosing another professional. This is due to the fact that the manner they talk or act in response to you provides an idea of the sort of services they give once you contract them.

Before you elect to hire a certain concrete business, you must make sure that these professionals are appropriately authorized by one's state. This will see to it that the service provider abides by the set regulations and laws to provide a certain quality of services supplied. However, being certified will not automatically indicate that the service provider is a devoted expert in the sector. One can judge a business's dedication if it's a member of a trade group and as well if these experts possess appropriate certifications and licensure.

Permanent Location
Ensure that the contractor you want to hire has a permanent business location. This is one of the best means to have confidence that they will still be around for the entirety of your project.

Look for References
Most cement contractors have websites whereby all customers are given the opportunity to comment or rate the services provided. If you find that most previous customers are happy with the services they got from a contractor, then it means you can hire and work with them. However, if they have many negative reviews, it means that most customers weren't satisfied at all and hence you shouldn't even bother to hire them. It's also possible to ask family members or friends about a reliable company they have worked with previously.

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Put Every Aspect of Your Project in Writing
The best option is to agree on the terms of payment with the contractor before work starts. This will ensure a smooth flow of the project because the contractor won't keep on pushing for money until a certain period of time when the project has been done.

Ask for Pictures of Previous Work
Concrete contractors often have some pictures of their past projects. Ask for these pictures and look at them carefully to determine if you exactly need that kind of work or not. If not, then the pictures will be able to act as reference points for you to ask some questions regarding how you need your project to look like. There're also different types of techniques that you can choose upon looking at these pictures.

Area of Specialization
Different concrete companies will have different areas of specialization. The areas of specialization can either be residential, commercial or decorative concrete specialists. For the success of your project, make sure that you understand the area of specialization of the company you hire, although some may be able to handle all aspects of a concrete project.

Overall Cost
Before deciding to work with any company, it's important that you get a quote or service estimation. This is because there're some companies that offer reasonable quotes at first, and then end up increasing the price after the commencement of work. Importantly, after the increase, you won't have any choice other than paying the new price to have your project completed properly.

Finally, these are several tips to enable you work with an ideal and highly regarded concrete contractor. Don't ever scramble and seek the services of each building contractor you find without spending your opportunity to understand if these individuals will complete your project to your 100 percent satisfaction. Investigation is extremely vital because you will understand a contractor better and avoid possibilities of losing your acquired funds. In some cases, your instincts can show you not to work with a certain provider. Also, if the contractor satisfies all the previous advice, don't hire them if anything feels "off". You will be working with this service provider for your total project which may consume some time and you must build a great working relationship to obtain the best results. Ideally, because of reading these suggestions, you will keep in mind XX Concrete for your residential or commercial concrete services.

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